What We Do

What We Do

Armada is a corporate intelligence firm specializing in analyzing the market forces bearing down on your company. We use proprietary methodologies built over the past 20 years to process and understand what’s happening in your world today. We look forward and ‘see’ around corners to identify risks and opportunities before anyone else … to give you time to do something about it.

Clients tell us that they don’t always like what we have to report. But they always appreciate it.

Strategic Intelligence System

After more than 20 years of development and via a new strategic alliance, we are offering a predictive intelligence service for $1,750/year that forecasts manufacturing activity across 7 different sectors of durable manufacturing. It is delivered in a series of written reports, webinars and podcasts, and available PowerPoint resources. This is the first in a group of industry-focused strategic intelligence systems that we will be introducing over the next several years. To learn more about the ASIS click here.

Written Publications / Briefings

Armada publishes two types of briefings that the public can subscribe to. Both are rooted in our fundamental core competency of collecting, analyzing, and distributing intelligence. And like everything else we do, we focus on those issues that create risk or opportunity for businesses. It’s intelligence written for executives.

Learn more about the various options that we have for both individuals and business associations / organizations here.


Hiring Armada is like getting an intelligence agency for your company. We can point our intelligence gathering and analysis techniques at just about anything you need to understand (within legal, moral, and ethical limits). And, we have a range of engagement levels that we think fit any company, with any size budget. Learn more (in-depth) about our consulting services and solutions here.

Want to understand how we support specific occupations within a company (by job title)? Check it out here.

Public Speaking/Webinars

Chris Kuehl and Keith Prather make more than 100 presentations each year to business and industry associations in the US and overseas speaking on topics ranging from the economic outlook to future trends. Learn more about our speaking services here.

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