Armada publishes two primary briefings that the public can subscribe to. Both are rooted in our fundamental core competency of collecting, analyzing, and distributing intelligence. And like everything else we do, we focus on those issues that create risk or opportunity for businesses. It’s intelligence written for executives.

Briefings for Business Associations and Partner Organizations.

Strategic Intelligence System

After more than 20 years of development and via a new strategic alliance, we are offering a predictive intelligence service that forecasts business volume, tuned specifically to predict your key target metrics.  Using Intelligence methodologies and predictive analytics, we have developed a system that understands cause/effect relationships in business, economics, and geopolitics. When an event happens, there is a ripple. How strong that ripple is, how far it spreads, what it affects, how many additional ripples it creates and so on is critical to understand. We monitor a series of trigger events that will affect your target metrics (to get well out in front of market shifts), to give you time to react.

Pricing for this program will come in two components: 1) the up-front project cost for building the model and creating the initial set of predictions and 2) the ongoing ASIS Briefings and model maintenance. It is not inexpensive, but maintaining the model and collecting intelligence to stay ahead of market changes is time intensive.

Our goal is to deliver a 10x ROI.

We look forward to discussing the program, pricing, and answer any questions you might have.

Please contact:

Chris Kuehl

Keith Prather

Briefings for Individual subscribers.

The Flagship Brief: An ‘Officer of the Watch’ Briefing

Executives told us a long time ago that they wanted a briefing service that gave them a well-rounded view of their operating environment. They wanted something that would cover business and economic risk, opportunities and emerging growth opportunities, and a brief that would take a chance and predict events in the future that could affect them.

This is our paid subscription service, albeit it’s very inexpensive at just $7 a month. We cover a variety of topics spanning domestic and global economics, geopolitics, raw material risk, supply chain trends, environmental risks and events, and items that could have an impact on business but don’t fit nicely in a category.

Executives from all industries, all levels of corporations, and from around the world subscribe to the Black Owl Report. If you want to get a Free 30-Day Trial (absolutely no risk, we just go away after 30 days if you do nothing), you can get one here.

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