Hiring Armada is like getting an intelligence agency for your company. We can point our intelligence gathering and analysis techniques at just about anything you need to understand (within legal, moral, and ethical limits). And, we have a range of engagement levels that we think fit any company, with any size budget.

Here is a very small list of the types of projects that we conduct most frequently:

  • Intelligence briefings (you determine the audience, frequency, delivery method, and how much of your world you want us to cover).
    • Internal
      • Typically focused on confidential views on economics, competitors, industry, geopolitics, risks.
    • External for customers, Wall Street, Suppliers, etc.
      • Written in conjunction with our PR, customer relations, or sales strategy to support your views/products/services.
    • Our premiere (and most expensive) service is the Armada Risk Report designed exclusively for executive leadership teams. Because of the nature of it, there is a limited number of “seats” available for this product. Current status: only 3 seats still available. Coming Soon.
  • Strategy Support
    • Continuous Situation Analysis (our specialty – Contact us)
    • Traditional Situation Analysis Support
    • Assessing and monitoring your strategic options (again, you determine how narrow or broad the focus is)
    • Conducting Strategic Planning sessions
  • Ghost Writing – providing content for your internal/external needs
    • We write – you put your brand on it.
    • We research and write on just about any subject within our target industries.
    • Can help position your company as an expert in the industry. Often, we write what you don’t have the time or resources to produce on your own.
      • Blogs, posts, newsletters, white papers, e-mails, etc.
  • Financial Executive Support
    • Credit risk research (industry or company specific)
    • Economic forecasting
    • Wall Street earnings call and presentation production/prep
  • Marketing and Sales Support (in addition to the items already listed above)
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Long term customer trends research (help identify changing consumer needs)
    • Targeted customer intelligence and profiling (to help with closing new business)
  • Others – let’s talk about what you need. Drop us a note (in confidence) he​re.

We do consulting differently. Our objective is to deliver 5X. 5X simply means that we try to deliver 5 times the value of what you pay for our services. That’s our goal.

In the spirit of doing things differently, we also have a different method in how clients engage us. We don’t want you guessing how much services will cost each month.

We have different levels of engagement depending on how frequently we work with you, the depth of what you are asking of us, number of services we are providing, etc. Our fees are structured as a monthly fee for service relationship (fixed monthly rates). It makes it easier to budget because you know what your monthly cost is.

Fees start as low as $500 a month. But, across our current client base, average monthly service fees range between $1,500 - $5,000 with the typical services most clients have us doing.

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