Association Programs

Strategic Intelligence System

After more than 20 years of development and via a new strategic alliance, we are offering a predictive intelligence service that forecasts industry demand. Our first iteration of this program designed around the manufacturing sector, and specifically elements of durable goods manufacturing.

Our partnerships with associations also date back two decades. We have a unique partnering program that gives associations the option of creating a non-dues revenue stream or the ability to pass-on significant discounts to their membership.  The program requires no out-of-pocket for associations, your contribution to the partnership is the marketing and communication tools and strategies that you have already developed with your membership.

Knowing that associations are looking for additional revenue streams in the post-pandemic era, this program can contribute a significant amount of value to you and your membership.  You maintain control of your relationship with your members, or we can create a turn-key solution that takes the heavy lifting out of your hands. Again, they key is that our association partners have no (or very little) out-of-pocket requirements beyond their existing promotional channels.

We can also customize specific sections of the ASIS to predict very specific elements of manufacturing – to better match your membership base. There are also co-branding and white label approaches available so that our Association partners can maintain their brand value.

For a no-obligation presentation on how our association program works, please contact either of us below.

We look forward to discussing the program, pricing, and answer any questions you might have.


The Business Intelligence Brief

The Business Intelligence Brief is designed for large organizations that want to share general business and geopolitical trends with their members. Associations have used the brief to attract, retain, and deliver additional value to members for more than 14 years. Many have conducted surveys of their membership base and have found that it is one of the best member benefits that they offer.

Here’s how it works. Organizations pay a small, monthly rate and then can have Armada distribute the briefing to their member base, or they can distribute it from their own servers. Rates depend on whether the briefing carries the Armada logo (works like a 3rd party newsletter); whether it carries both Armada and the Association’s logo (co-branded); or whether Armada is ghost writing it for others. You put your own logo on it and you can design it however you wish.

If you want more information on distributing the Business Intelligence Brief to your organization and the various options available, please inquire here.

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